Garry Johnson

GARRY JOHNSON is one of Punk Rock`s most enduring and colorful characters. He first appeared as a Poet in the 1980s and has since been a singer, a Rock & Roll Manager, a showbiz tabloid journalist and a professional scammer. More recently he has found a new level of fame and admiration as songwriter for Swedish rocker Soren Sulo Karlsson and for surviving 5 heart attacks and life-saving Triple heart bypass operation. His has been a life lived on the edge. A real-life x-rated soap opera lived in the glare of publicity. Punk Rock Stories And Tabloid Tales traces his JOURNEY from the BACK STREETS OF East London to West End night clubs and The Houses Of Parliament. This is the fascinating and true story of a genuine Cockney Rebel who infiltrated Fleet Street and the world of Showbiz. A man described by music writer Dominic Warwick as “Charles Dickens for the Punk Generation”. Gal`s words painted vivid pictures of rebel youth growing up in a world portrayed by low-life politicians. His poems and song lyrics were a window to a teenage underworld of unemployment, violence and fast drugs. But he balanced that nihilism with a passion for life and a raging social conscience. Garry hated bigotry as much as he despised what passed for authority. He was the real voice of the street and his book of poems `Boys Of The Empire` is considered a classic piece of writing.