J Dalton Jennings

The winner of the American Fiction Awards, psychological thriller category

J. Dalton Jennings was born in north Arkansas, but most of his formative years were spent in Japan, Alabama and Turkey. During the author’s early teens, his father retired from the military and moved the family back to Arkansas where the author still resides. Mr. Jennings earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, was in the Arkansas Air National Guard for six years, became a graphic artist in the early Nineties, and eventually retired at a reasonably young age. However, the author did not truly retire. Instead, he devoted a majority of his free time to the craft of writing, a craft which had been loitering like a vagrant in the back of his mind since he was a teenager. After writing two unpublished books-one a non-fiction rumination on everything from science to social issues to spirituality, and the other a 200,000 word novel set two-thousand-years ago in the Far East-the author remembered he had a fully formed idea for a science fiction novel, based on a long-lost rough draft he wrote in the late Seventies. Working entirely from memory, he rewrote the novel and in the process changed numerous aspects of the plot along the way, which improved the concept enormously. In 2015, this became his first published novel, the exciting, thought-provoking, Solomon’s Arrow. The author’s next novel, The Disassembled Man, a mind-blowing, contemporary thriller set in New York City, has been chosen by New Haven for publication, for which the author is thrilled and immeasurably grateful.