Paul Ashbee

Manchester… You’ve probably heard of it. It’s a city of industrial history and a `where it’s at’ future. It’s a city divided by football and brought right back together again by music. It’s a city where permanently grey skies loom over ever-colourful people. People with pasts. People with futures. People with stories. People like me, Paul Ashbee – `The Bigun’ as I’ve come to be known. Depending on what period in my life our paths crossed will affect how people see me and what they know me for, but most people know me as the man who put Oasis together; the Bigun behind one of the world’s greatest ever rock `n’ roll bands. Was it fate? Was it luck? I have no fucking idea, but when one of the greatest bands to come out of Manchester began to dominate the world, I was there. This book is a collection of my memoirs about it all; The fame, the fortunes, and the fall-outs.