Aerosmith Rock the Coffee Table


This full colour, hard cover, coffee table size book contains the band Aerosmith biography and many many images. A band like no other is not just a title within this book. Its a statement to describe Aerosmith and their longevity within the realms of music and touring. The band has achieved phenomenal success over the years and at no point toned down the raw passion for Rock and Roll that they exude with every performance. Their energy, passion and long lasting dedication to the foundations of Rock have kept them at the top of the music world for decades. They gain new fans with every tour while still maintaining the respect and adoration of all within the Rock world. They are a truly unique outfit that have captivated and entertained audiences all over the world since they first burst onto the music scene in the early 1970’s, growing in stature to become one of the most respected Rock band’s of all time. But like all great Rock bands its the core influences that drive them. Its the early individual experiences coming together to form one force, one unit and one band. This early framework would form the foundations to elevate them forward and to remain so through some of the most indulgent and excessive times any band could encounter. These excesses have destroyed countless bands in the past but not Aerosmith, almost everything has been thrown at them, and still despite this they achieved incredible success. This would ultimately give them that cutting edge to ascend in the Rock world over taking there piers to dominate in the years ahead. But to understand just how great a Rock band Aerosmith truly are, and to see them like no other band, you have to start at the beginning…

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ISBN 978-1-912587-31-5
Page dimentions 8,5″ x 11.00″