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New Haven Publishing Ltd was incorporated in 2012 by author and freelance music journalist Teddie Dahlin. Since then the company has added two more imprints, Phoenix Press Ltd for crime fiction and New Haven Publishing US LLC as a presence in the US with offices in Nashville, TN.

Today (2021) New Haven Publishing consists of cirka 70 authors and publishes books and deluxe magazines, mainly in the music and entertainment genre, but we also publish history, childrens books, health and beauty and anything we believe the readers will enjoy. We do not turn down a good book just because its not in the music genre.

We distribute worldwide with Ingram, and work with Gardners Wholesaler for the UK.

If you are a web designer and wondering if we want to get on google first page, or want to help us redesign our website, please note that we are satisfied with the design we have and do not need assistance.


General enquiries: [email protected]

Company Director: [email protected]

Tech: [email protected]