Meet the Team

Teddie Dahlin is CEO of all the New Haven Publishing imprints. She started New Haven Publishing Ltd UK in 2012 after a bad experience with a UK publisher for her first book A Vicious Love Story. Since then New Haven Publishing has added a crime/fiction imprint, Phoenix Press Ltd and opened New Haven Publishing US LLC with offices in Nashville, TN. Teddie has a degree in International Marketing and Finance from Institut for Högre Marknadsföring, IHM, Gothenburg, Sweden. You can contact Teddie at

Graphic designer Pete Cunliffe has worked with New Haven Publishing since the begining in 2012. Pete has designed 99% of all our book covers and 100% of all interior design. In addition he has worked on all the deluxe magazines, covers and interiors. Pete is a skilled designer and can be contacted at

Sarah Healey was a lawyer for many years before settling down to follow her passion; writing books. She has written 4 books and started working for New Haven Publishing 5 years ago as our main editor. Sarah can be contacted via her website

Christopher Dahlin is New Haven webmaster and deals with all things technical. Chris has a Bachelor degree in IT from NITH/Westerdahls, Oslo. Christopher also handles formatting of ebooks and paperback format to print.