Meet the Team

Teddie Dahlin is CEO of all the New Haven Publishing imprints. She started New Haven Publishing Ltd UK in 2012 after a bad experience with a UK publisher for her first book A Vicious Love Story. Since then New Haven Publishing has added a childrens book imprint, Phoenix Press Ltd and Viking Press Comics Ltd, and opened New Haven Publishing US LLC with offices in Nashville, TN. Teddie has a degree in International Marketing and Finance from Institut for Högre Marknadsföring, IHM, Gothenburg, Sweden. You can contact Teddie at [email protected]

Graphic designer Pete Cunliffe has worked with New Haven Publishing since the begining in 2012. Pete has designed 99% of all our book covers and 100% of all interior design. In addition he has worked on all the deluxe magazines, covers and interiors. Pete is a skilled designer and can be contacted at [email protected]

Sarah Healey was a lawyer for many years before settling down to follow her passion; writing books. She has written 4 books and started working for New Haven Publishing 5 years ago as our main editor. Sarah can be contacted via her website

Christopher Dahlin is New Haven webmaster and deals with all things technical. Chris has a Bachelor degree in IT from NITH/Westerdahls, Oslo. Christopher also handles formatting of ebooks and paperback format to print.