Sarah Healey

Sarah Healey worked for many years as a criminal defence lawyer in police stations and magistrates courts, until she gave it up to home educate her son and concentrate on her writing.

Her first novel ‘Red Blue Green’, was published in 2015 by New Haven. It’s a coming of age story from the perspective of a quiet sixteen year old whose life is crumbling around him. The book is about change, alienation and family tragedy, as his parents’ marriage falls apart and his friends fall away.

Her second novel, ‘Having Fun’, is set in Cornwall, where four friends spend a wild weekend in a remote clifftop cottage. The story is told from four different perspectives, revealing the characters’ private tragedies and fears and their misunderstandings about one another. It’s a book about seizing the day, about the masks we all wear, and about the impossibility of really understanding other people.

Sarah has also written two crime fiction novels, THe Day of the Trial and The Nightwatch