Jon Kremer

Born in London, Jon Kremer has lived in the Bournemouth area since his teenage years began, coinciding with the start of the Sixties.  Owner of Bournemouth’s original vintage vinyl shop Bus Stop Records, he experienced many aspects of the UK music industry through a long-standing friendship with “Year of the Cat” singer-songwriter Al Stewart. 

A Sixties music highlight was meeting the Beatles at the height of Beatlemania.  The backstory to Jon and Al finding themselves in the backstage company of John Lennon, moments after the Fabs had first performed “She Loves You” live for an audience, days before the record’s release, became known as ‘The Men from Rickenbacker’.  The tale of two teenagers pretending to be representatives of Rickenbacker guitars and needing to talk with the Beatles, eventually was retold many times in books, magazines, newspapers, and tour programmes, plus TV and radio. 

One publication revisited the story in depth: Jon Kremer’s first book Bournemouth A Go! Go! – A Sixties Memoir.  A look back to that exciting decade of pop culture, with the early 1960s Bournemouth music scene featuring Andy Summers, Robert Fripp, Zoot Money, Greg Lake, Tony Blackburn, and Al Stewart. 

A long-time fascination with the, often obscure, or overlooked, key history making moments, creating and energising, the story of pop ‘n’ rock led to Jon Kremer writing Chain Reaction.  Jon is married to artist Abi Kremer, who, with their son Daniel, shares his love of Sixties music.