Iain McCartney

Although the author of more than two dozen books, all football related, [mainly on a particular club that he won’t name here in case it offends], of which one national journalist wrote: “When it comes to the club’s history, it would be fair to describe him as the most prolific author in the business”, this is Iain McCartney’s first venture into the world of music.

He is a regular contributor to the ‘Soul Up North’ fanzine, whilst also hosting ‘Soul Train’ a local community radio show. He can also be found DJ’ing locally now and again and was instrumental in bringing the Goldsoul Motown and Soul Weekender to Dumfries where he lives.

Despite having spent all his life in south-west Scotland he did manage to attend the Manchester Twisted Wheel and Blackpool Mecca, but was to miss out on a few years on the scene due to travelling around the country watching football. But slowly he got back into the music and a couple of magazines made him look out other, older issues, being keen to read up on what he had missed. The pile became bigger, so much so that it fuelled the contributions to ‘Soul Up North’ and kick-started the idea for this book.