Simon Keegan

Simon Keegan has authored three books with New Haven, two on the subject of King Arthur and one on martial arts. His first book Pennine Dragon and the follow up, The Lost Book of King Arthur identified the mythological king with a historic northern British ruler called Arthwys ap Mar and located the famous Camelot in Huddersfield. The books were featured in the Times, Mirror and Mail. Simon was invited onto the famous BBC Breakfast sofa at the Roman site of Camulodonum at Outlane was granted full protection by Historic England. His findings were later backed by the leading Arthurian professor at Bangor University. One the back of the publicity, Warner Brothers chose Huddersfield for the local release of the Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie. His third book Karate Jutsu has already gathered worldwide acclaim. In a foreword, international instructor and author Steve Rowe 9th Dan, head of the Martial Arts Standards Agency, said: “Considering I have been at the centre of the Karate universe for four decades there is much in this book that I have never seen or heard. It’s a must for any Karateka to read time and time again to understand the origins of Karatedo and its structure, and essential for the bookshelf of any serious martial artist.” The UK’s senior Karate teacher Terry Wingrove 9th Dan, head of Karate Jutsu International said in his foreword: “Simon has earned his place as a modern day Sherlock Holmes… I thought with 67 years in Martial Arts that I had a good knowledge of my chosen subject but Simon has opened up so many new sources. I sincerely wish this book the success it deserves and expect to see it quickly become a standard all over the world.”