Glenn B Fleming


Glenn B Fleming has worked in graphics and publishing for over forty years. As an author, illustrator, cartoonist and documentary maker, his work has been acknowledged in books and magazines worldwide and he has published books on diverse subjects such as the FIFA World Cup, the John F Kennedy assassination, Science Fiction novels and many comic book strips and cartoons. During his career he has also published, edited, designed and co- written several magazines and publications. Fleming has interviewed and published articles regarding two NASA Apollo astronauts who walked on the moon, soap stars, comic book writers, comic strip artists and film makers.
In 2017 Fleming released his first film documentary: ‘Jack Kirby: A Personal Journey’, featuring previously unseen footage of legendary American comic book writer/artist Jack Kirby (co-creator of many leading comic book characters, including Captain America, The Hulk, The Black Panther, The Mighty Thor and scores of others) at his home in California.