Paul Cheetham-Karcz

Paul Cheetham-Karcz has just turned 40 years old and hails from Reddish, a working-class suburb in Stockport, Greater Manchester. He was educated at a local state school, where he was advised to become a mechanic and sent to a local garage for work experience. On his first day at the garage, even before lunch time, Paul had already decided that he was going to live his life differently. In his own words, you won’t know who he is or the business he runs, which is why he believes now is the time to share his story-before the battle scars of building a business have healed. Paul is the managing partner of a business consultancy which employs over 100 people in Manchester, Leeds, and London, and his client base includes celebrities from the worlds of sport and entertainment. It’s not been an easy ride, and as a result, he has had to learn how to deal with high levels of anxiety, amongst other mental issues, on an almost daily basis. When he is not closing deals, exploring new business opportunities or ensuring his firm and his clients are on track for future growth and success, Paul enjoys boxing, travel, and meditating-something he recommends for everyone. Paul is married to his soulmate, actress and business owner Zeriozha, and between them they have three sons