Greg Healey

Greg Healey is a writer, visual artist and musician. He has been writing about music and culture for over ten years for a variety of publications. He was a staff writer for the American arts journal Redefine and in recent years he has become a regular contributor of interviews, features, think pieces and reviews to Shindig! Magazine.

Beginning in 2004 Greg became an early champion of net labels and creative commons music, writing for the German net audio bible Phlow and producing and presenting the internationally popular Analogue Island show for Penwith Radio, before going on to become a regular DJ for Dandelion Radio.

As a musician Greg has released three albums under the name HealeyIsland and has enjoyed a wide range of radio play, including on BBC Radio 6. He has shown his art works throughout the UK and in Europe and continues to explore ideas around narrative and memory through his video pieces.

Greg co-wrote Sharp! Flicknife Records & Other Adventures. He has also written Not in Front of the Children: Hidden Histories in Kids TV, and Black Sabbath, which is paperback and delux magazine format