Richard Cosgrove

Richard Cosgrove was born in Nottingham, home of Robin Hood, the original long haired, tight-trousered rock star. Since then he has been obsessed with music as a fan, as a bassist and as a DJ/producer. He has been going to gigs and rock clubs since before he was legally allowed to drink in the venues, and has seen hundreds of bands over the years. He was a prominent member of the global mashup/bootleg scene of the early 2000s, and has DJ’d regularly at London’s legendary alternative/80s club Electric Dreams for the last two decades as well as founding and running his own Planet Earth night in his adopted home of Colchester. Throughout all this he has never lost sight of his true musical love – rock music – even going so far as to make it to the final of the 2010 UK Air Guitar Championships, and to this day can be found assuming the air guitar position whenever a riff rings out.