Marco ‘Frenchy’ Gloder

From a romani Italian background, Marco ‘Frenchy’ Gloder spent his early years travelling. In the early 1970’s, he was back on the road, spending the ‘summer of love’ in Amsterdam and later, on the now famous ‘hippy trail’ going to and from India. After arriving in London in 1976 and being part of the early punk scene, he started Flicknife Records and associated labels, in 1980. By 1985, it was a top 10 Indie label after having 2 top 50 albums and 3 top 60 singles plus 10 top 10 Indie Charts singles. Frenchy worked with bands of all genres giving him wide experience in targeting the right market. Furthermore, Flicknife was the first label to release bands and artists such as Dogs D`Amour, Ozric Tentacles, London Cowboys and many more. SG records, the dance label of Flicknife was distributed through Virgin and was very successful with SOHO and Adamski, scoring a #7 hit and a Top 10 album. Lately, Flicknife Records signed Slydigs, a band that is now thriving, currently on tour with the Who in Canada/USA.. In April 2015, the Voluntears were added to the roster. This band has attracted a lot of media attention and have been tipped for a great future. As Record Collector put it L:’Flicknife Records’ catalogue is a who’s who of the underground. A truly legendary UK label’.