Kevin O’Dowd

I write poetry simply because it’s always been my way of expressing myself and basically venting my frustrations without having to actually engage with people that consider themselves to be normal, I have Asperger’s and I grew up at a time when it was perfectly acceptable for even grown up people to refer to autistic people as spastics , mentally abnormal and believe or not even window lickers,so rather than risk attracting attention to myself I would write a poem about what I saw or heard, and based on my observations and experiences I write poetry as a way of trying to make sense of things I don’t understand and wether that makes any sense or not is totally irrelevant because what I write is only my own personal opinions anyway and like art ,the written word is ,is it not considered to be relevant or irrelevant according to other people’s personal opinions and the world is full of people with opinions I’m just writing mine down in a book.

Kevin O’Dowd first book is Reflections in Rhyme, releasing in March 2023 and is a large, hard cover, full colour coffee table size book containing some of his poems with artwork by several well-known artists such as his brother, Boy George, Dusty O and Julie Bennett to name a few.